Home-Based Learning

By Woodland, Woodland Pre-Schools
13 Aug 2020, 02:25 PM
Updated on
17 Aug 2020, 12:00 PM

Following a review of remote learning conducted last term as well as consideration of valuable parent feedback, we are excited to present a redeveloped Home-Based Learning programme for our young learners. Children in unaccompanied classes who have signed up for Active Registration will have the chance to enjoy busy afternoons full of discovery and learning.

Parents and children can sign up for our weekly Wellbeing Calls which are one-on-one calls by a teacher with a caregiver and child which aim to support the child’s wellbeing at home. Children will also be assigned to a small group for live Group Learning Engagements, which are strategically planned classes mapped to the Early Years Foundation Stage of the English National Curriculum. Our teaching teams will upload new daily videos to Flipgrid, and children can respond with a video, making learning more engaging and fun. Lastly, we will provide a weekly Learning Pack for parents to pick up at school; this will contain resources that the child will need for the coming week’s Group Learning Engagement and sanitised library books for children to enjoy at home.

In this video, Rae Lang, Director of Teaching and Learning, will introduce the Home-Based Learning programme and present a sample of the weekly learning package.


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