About the service    
•    Due to limited seats, placement will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. The school bus service is restricted to those children registered for the school bus only.  

Pick up and Drop off Location Arrangements    
•    Children need to be at the designated pick-up point at least five minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. 
•    If the child has not arrived at the schedule pick-up time, the Bus Driver will wait for ONE MINUTE only before departing for the next destination.
•     If a caregiver is not at the drop off point to collect the child at the allocated time, the child will remain on the bus and continue to the next stop(s). Caregivers must contact their child’s campus as soon as possible to report this and receive details of an alternative arrangement to collect their child.
•    Routes and stops are fixed based on student safety, practicality and efficiency. Request for changes to routes and stops will only be considered in special circumstances and are subject to actual traffic conditions and are at the discretion of the bus company. 

Hygiene and safety    
•    Children must wear seat belts whilst travelling on the buses.  Please remind your child(ren) regularly about the importance of sitting properly and wearing a seat belt.
•    Children are supervised throughout their journey by a dedicated bus chaperone to monitor the child's safety during the bus trip as well as while getting on and off the bus.
•    Our staff will inspect and record school bus hygiene and safety regularly according to the Department of Health guidelines and Cognita Health and Safety Policy.
•    Children must wear a proper face mask whilst travelling on the bus.
•    Consumption of food or drinks is not permitted on the bus.
•    Parent/Caretaker must present a collection card when collecting the child from the bus.
•    In the event that a collection card is not produced and the bus chaperone cannot verify the identity of the collecting person, the child will not be released from the bus. 
•    In a case where an alternative authorised adult (without collection card) will collect the child, please notify the school in writing providing the adult’s name and their relationship with the child(ren) at least one hour before the school finishes. The authorised person must present his/her HK identity card/ passport for verification before the child will be released.

Insurance and claims    
•    All school buses are under insurance coverage and in accordance to the law of the Hong Kong Transport Department. Any claim for personal injury, other loss and damage arising from the use of the school bus service should be directed to school bus’s insurance company. 
•    Claims for injuries in the event of a traffic accident should be dealt with between parents and the bus company according to the police report. 

Service cancellation/ refunds    
•    Refunds are not available for any missed bus journey(s)(eg: holidays, sickness, travel).
•    In the event that school is closed due to Education Bureau (EDB) or Government advice (e.g. Typhoons / Rainstorms / epidemics), bus services will be cancelled.  There will be no refunds of fees. 
•    At least 30 days written notice must be given for cancellation of bus services.  All accounts are calculated to the end of the month.  There is no pro-rata for other finishing dates. 

•    If the child is not travelling on the school bus on a school day, please inform your campus before 7:30am. 
•    Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact your campus.